Heartfelt Dreams Foundation sponsors ACHD and Pregnancy education seminar with Massachusetts Chapter of ACC

The American College of Cardiology, Massachusetts Chapter recently held an in-person/virtual education seminar addressing “Cardiovascular Disease and the Pregnant Patient: Multidisciplinary Care of the CardioObstetric Patient” at The Liberty Hotel in Boston.  This medical education event, sponsored by Heartfelt Dreams Foundation, in collaboration with the Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Center attracted nearly 100 participants with course directors, Dr. Doreen Defaria Yeh and Dr. Nandita Scott leading the one day program.

Also, there is another News item related to our nursing scholarship winner.  The Mercury News ran a story about Nicole being awarded the scholarship. Heartfelt Scholarship .

On our Resources page, please add Hospitality Homes (image attached) under Heart to Heart with Anna and include the following description:

Hospitality Homes provides free and low-cost short-term housing in volunteer host homes and donated accommodations for patients, families, and support individuals who travel to Boston for specialized medical care. The organization’s approach – grounded by over 150 volunteers who open their homes to guests each year – reduces barriers to accessing medical care and provides much-needed relief from the emotional and financial strains of medical treatment, helping families stay together during some of the most critical and challenging times in their lives. Hospitality Homes – Bringing home and heart to health care in Boston.

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