Eric Ankerud, CEO, President and Co-Founder of Heartfelt Dreams Foundation authors Heartfelt Dreams, a memoir intended to help those facing life-long medical challenges.

New book by Heartfelt Dreams Foundation President, CEO and Co-Founder showcases the challenges faced by individuals with CHD and teaches that hard work, determination and belief can help everyone overcome the adversity in their lives

Hollis, NH (February 27, 2024) – Heartfelt Dreams Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the treatment experience for congenital heart defect (CHD) patients and their families, is proud to announce that CEO, President and Co-Founder Eric Ankerud has published a new book to evoke inspiration and faith for those living with congenital heart defects. Heartfelt Dreams: A Story of Perseverance, Providence, Faith and Love is an inspiring tale that aims to give hope to other congenital heart defect patients and encourage and attract more medical professionals and research to support this life-long condition.

Congenital heart defects, structural abnormalities of the heart, are the number one birth defect in the United States and there are currently more than two million Americans living with CHD. In the late 1950’s, only a precious few infants survived “blue baby syndrome” with a hole in her heart.  Eric Ankerud’s wife, Lori, was among the fortunate children, becoming one of the first CHD patients to receive open heart surgery that allowed her to survive and continue to live a long, vibrant life. 

In Heartfelt Dreams, Eric tells their story of faith and providence that placed Lori’s family near one of the only hospitals in America and eventually led Lori to the best doctor in the world for care and treatment as an adult. The book chronicles the fortuity of their experience and current efforts to see that every congenital heart defect patient has access to specialized resources necessary to enjoy life as Lori has through the Heartfelt Dreams Foundation.

“Lori is my hero and I hope that by sharing how she faced adversity without complaint in a quest to survive, others will find inspiration in her story,” said Eric Ankerud, author of the book and CEO, President, and Co-Founder of Heartfelt Dreams Foundation. “Our journey together has taught me that hard work, mental toughness and faith-filled resiliency can help us overcome life’s greatest obstacles. It is my hope that readers will have a deeper appreciation for the emotional and physical struggles of those who suffer from life-long medical conditions and draw inspiration for facing any challenges in their own lives.”

Heartfelt Dreams: A Story of Perseverance, Providence, Faith and Love is available in hardcover and paperback. All proceeds from the sale of Heartfelt Dreams go directly to benefit the mission of Heartfelt Dreams Foundation.

Heartfelt Dreams Foundation strives to see every CHD patient lead a long, healthy and meaningful life. The foundation is committed to facilitating greater access to care and treatment for CHD patients of all ages and strengthens the network of specialty heart centers and physicians across the country. For more information about the Heartfelt Dreams Foundation and to make a donation, please visit

About the Author 

Heartfelt Dreams is the first book published by Eric Ankerud. He married the love of his life, Lori, in 1985. Thus began his journey to understand Lori’s complex heart condition while balancing a professional career in medical technology and his wife’s decades-long struggle to receive the care and treatment necessary to save her life. He learned how hard work, mental toughness and faith-filled resiliency can empower one to overcome life’s greatest obstacles. 

Eric received a B.A. degree with highest honors in economics from St. Lawrence University and a J.D. degree from the Faculty of Law and Jurisprudence, State University of New York at Buffalo. He has more than 30 years of professional experience in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biologics. Eric and Lori reside in Hollis, NH, where they run the Heartfelt Dreams Foundation.

About Heartfelt Dreams Foundation

Founded in 2019 by Lori and Eric Ankerud, Heartfelt Dreams Foundation (HDF) is the only nonprofit charitable organization in America dedicated to the dual mission of improving the CHD treatment experience for patients and families, and advancing CHD education within the medical community. Congenital heart defects are a serious life-long medical condition for which there is no cure. Heartfelt Dreams Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life for these patients and their families, increasing the number of cardiologists and medical facilities capable of properly treating CHD, and facilitating connections between patients and the medical community. Please find more information at and follow HDF on Facebook and Twitter

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